I’m not saying that I know anything about the fight but whenever, I mean WHENEVER Justin does sth good and or is seen in positive light TMZ rolls Justin’s name in mud. I’m not supporting Justin in anyone way cuz I don’t know anything and right now everything feels like Justin’s fault and when he posted her pic it just whatever but TMZ…..

I’m honestly laughing.

Did Justin get in fight cuz Orlando hung out with Selena?

Did he get in fight cuz he slept with a 30 YEAR OLD Miranda Kerr?

Did he get in fight just because he is Justin Bieber?!



Relationships suck, you either get married or breakup 



In the video you can clearly hear Justin say “what’s up bitch” to Orlando then he throws a punch..





justin must have done something pretty bad to get a 37 year old man to punch him



Or maybe both were drunk :/

No im not worried about them dating. I'm just wondering what all the drama was about and why justin got into a fight with orlando.

Orlando who? What?!! What happened? I swear I go for a day and this happens!! >:( Well I just read now. I don’t know what the fight was over but he would’ve never slept with Miranda Kerr. SHE IS 30 YEARS OLD!! And it’s kind of funny cuz Selena hung out with Orlando Bloom a few months ago and people went like they they are dating(WTH). Well that was the most stupid rumour of century(LOL) . Well, he posted picture after the fight so maybe he wanted to indicate that nothing happened and everything is cool now or it wasn’t about Miranda. Maybe pranked Orlando Bloom and he didn’t take it well thus leading to fight or maybe they were not fighting at all and Orlando was teaching Justin a thing or two about acting so he can star in the next “Pirates of the Carrabien”. So in short things are being blown out of proportion. Just ignore it and LMAO at everything :D ;)

Hey Guys,

Can I please have mp3 instrumental version of “Hear Me Coming by Yung Joc”? Can anyone please link me to it. Pleaseee

Thank You :):)

what happened earlier? whats all this stuff abouut this miranda kerr girl?

Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s 98% drama. This is not the first time he has posted/liked a girl or model’s photo. So just chillax :) He likes models pictures and all, so it doesn’t mean he is dating everyone of them. People just want to create drama :):)




July 29: (More) Selena attending the premiere of “Behaving Badly” in Los Angeles, California [HQs]


July 29th: Selena arriving at the “Behaving Badly” premiere in Los Angeles, California


July 29: (More) Selena attending the premiere of “Behaving Badly” in Los Angeles, California [HQs]